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Get Started With Laser Hair Removal: You'll Wonder Why You Waited so Long

Get Started With Laser Hair Removal: You'll Wonder Why You Waited so Long

Laser hair removal is life-changing. Patients tell our medical esthetics team that all the time here at Elite Women’s Care in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and it’s easy to understand why.

No more shaving, painful nicks, or ingrown hairs—just silky smooth skin year-round. What’s not to love?

In fact, laser hair removal is so loved that 757,000 procedures are conducted in the United States annually. 

If you’re still wondering whether laser hair removal is right for you, read on and then decide. In this month’s blog, the Elite Women’s Care team breaks down everything you need to know about this amazing treatment.

What to expect at your laser hair removal appointment

Your Elite Women’s Care provider passes a device across the treatment area. This device transmits a laser beam that travels through the skin to your hair follicles. The penetrating energy heats the root of the hair, destroying the follicle and preventing future hair growth. 

Most patients find treatment easy to tolerate. Each laser pulse feels like a quick and mild rubber band snap. 

Before coming in, you need to shave the treatment area fully, but no waxing or plucking hairs. The hair follicle must be in place for the laser to work.

Sessions take five minutes to an hour, depending on each treatment area's size and hair density.

Laser energy destroys only actively growing hair follicles, not dormant ones. Generally, only 10 percent of hair follicles are in a growth or anagen phase at one time. So, several treatments, spaced about four to eight weeks apart, are needed for optimal hair removal. 

We use the best in class technology

At Elite Women’s Care, we use the best-in-class Soprano Titanium laser. Its unique 3D applicator features an especially large spot size of 4cm²  for faster treatments. The Soprano Titanium also continuously cools the skin, delivering a comfortable experience throughout the session.

From where can I remove hair?

The most common body areas for laser hair removal are:

The number of necessary treatments depends on the size and hair density of the treatment area.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is very safe in the hands of an experienced healthcare professional like those at Elite Woman’s Care. However, some individuals are not candidates for treatment. You may be advised not to have the procedure if you:

If you’re uncertain whether laser hair treatment is appropriate for you,  book a consultation with an Elite Women’s Care expert. 

What results can I expect?

After a series of six to eight treatments, patients generally enjoy about 90 percent permanent hair loss and return for yearly touch-ups.

Ready to get started?  Take the plunge, and you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Book a consultation for laser hair removal today. Call the office or request an appointment online

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